narcotics detection

K-9 Detectives provides discreet and confidential narcotic detection work using certified canines and handlers for homes, schools and commercial properties.  Our dogs are trained to locate the odor of specific street and prescription narcotics so those concerned can deal effectively with the situation.  K-9 Detectives is not associated with any law enforcement agency.  Findings are kept confidential. Appointments can be set up when the party of concern or employees are not present—reducing conflict and retaining discretion should an additional search be warranted.  We offer small, medium and large dogs to fit a variety of inspection needs.


Our dogs can inspect your place of business, school or home.  We will inspect rooms of your home, common areas of schools or businesses, dorms, parking lots, lockers and other areas of concern.  Dogs alert their finding of a narcotic odor by sitting.  Random inspection dates and times help reduce the presence of narcotics in schools and commercial properties.




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