bed bug detection

Bedbug cases are increasing. Bedbugs are turning up everywhere people congregate, live and travel. They are hitchhikers that can easily be carried to a new location. Once inside, bedbugs spread rapidly.  Bedbugs are not just found in beds. They can live and hide almost anywhere and withstand temperatures from nearly freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.


Bedbugs may live for several weeks to several months without feeding.  Getting rid of bedbugs is costly, complex and time consuming.


K-9 Detectives specializes in the health care industry--hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, mental health care facilities and  Assisted Living Facilities.  Our certified detection dogs

are accustomed to working around medical staff, patients, equipment and emergency situations. They remain calm and focused on their inspection assignment.


We also service Universities, schools, hotels, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, offices, thrift stores and private residences.


Unlike traditional human inspections, there is little disruption to the patients or occupants of the inspection area utilizing certified detection dogs.  Furniture and items may remain where they are.  Canine inspections are quick. An average sized hotel room can be inspected in about five minutes with an accuracy rate of approximately 90%. Once cleared, the area is ready to use immediately.

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